Relaxing inn where you can
experience a great time
while feeling
a part of nature.

All rooms offer a lakeside view.
Enjoy a fantastic view
from the large window of each room.

Hot Spring

Your body and mind
can escape from the rigors
of daily life while getting
energy from nature.


Guest Room

The views of Lake Shikaribetsu
spreads out in front of you.
Enjoy relaxing while
being healed in nature.



Enjoy conversations with
fascinating scenery
in front of you.



Shikaoicho is blessed with the richness of nature
and surrounded by mountains and greenery.

Lake Shikaribetsu is located at an altitude of 800 m.
The area is cool in summer—sometimes even 10°C
in the morning and at night.
Also, the temperature sometimes reaches minus 30°C,
the lowest temperature of the year in winter.
This area is one of the coldest places in Hokkaido.
Please be prepared for the cold weather
so that you can enjoy comfortable travel in Hokkaido.
At Hotel Fusui, we will help you encounter wild animals
and plants and enjoy the magnificent scenery specific to the severe winter district.