Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Tenpu bath for men
Ayakumo bath for women

*Two indoor baths and one outdoor bath for each

Tranquil lakeside and round Mt. Kuchibiru can be seen
from an outdoor bath filled with water flowing
directly from the hot spring source while enjoying
a comfortable breeze from across the lakeside.
You will enjoy a beautiful starry
sky overhead at night.

  • Open hours
  • 15:00–9:00 next morning
  • Reservations
  • Not available
    *Only available for school trips

Outlook outdoor bath

The outdoor bath extends to the lake where you can feel
the lapping of the waves on the surface of the lake.
Treasuring the place where people can return to nature.
Lakeside of Shikaribetsu where an ancient old growth
forest has been preserved for a very long time.
The best hospitality of this place surrounded
by primitive forests.
You will escape the rigors of daily life
while getting energy from nature.
Savor the ultimate happiness of a starry night.

  • Open hours
  • 15:00–9:00 next morning
  • Reservations
  • Not available
    *Only available for school trips

Basic information about the hot spring

  • Name of the hot spring source
  • No. 1 well of Shikaribetsu Lakeside Hot Spring Hotel, Shikaribetsu Lakeside Hot Spring
  • Location of the hot spring source
  • Ro-Rinshohan, Lakeside national forest 163, Shikaribetsu, Shikaoicho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido
  • Applicant for a hot spring analysis
  • Shikaribetsu Lakeside Hot Spring Hotel Co., Ltd.
    (14-36 Kita 1-chome, Nishi 18-chome, Obihiro)
    Yusaburo Nakagi
  • Spring quality
  • Sodium chloride / hydrogen carbonate springs
    (hypotonic, neutral, high temperature spring)
    (old spring quality name: alkaline salt springs)

Contraindications and indications according
to the spring quality of medical spring classification are as follows.

For bathing

Acute illness (particularly if the person has a fever), malignant tumors, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, kidney failure, hemorrhagic disorder, active tuberculosis, severe anemia, other generally progressive diseases, and pregnancy (particularly in the first and third trimesters)

Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusions, twisted joints, hemorrhoids, chronic digestive diseases, chronic skin diseases, convalescence, fatigue recovery, health enhancement, physically weak children, chronic women's diseases, sensitivity to cold, cuts, and burns.

For drinking

Kidney disease, hypertension, and other diseases with swelling

Chronic digestive diseases, chronic constipation, diabetes, gout, and liver disease

Amenities and equipment

Hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner,
body soap, razor, and comb