Seasonal ingredients specific to Tokachi in Hokkaido and grilled Dolly Varden trout,
a specialty of Lake Shikaribetsu, with salt do not just look fabulous.
However, we make the most of the taste of each ingredient
and serve our guests rich local food with an appreciation for the land.
*Dolly Varden is a kind of char. Its simple taste is enhanced most when grilled with salt.
Note: The photo is just for your information.
The menu may partly change depending on the availability of the ingredients.

Special cuisine (Meal for a special room)

Relaxed with beautiful cuisine and the sounds of ripples on the lake

Time to enjoy the local ingredients from the mountains and sea that include the Dolly Varden raised in the spring water of Lake Shikaribetsu coming from the mountains.
Seasonal food of Mt. Daisetsu and Tokachi Plain.
The seafood is so fresh that you may forget that you are staying at an inn in the mountains.
We will entertain you with our beautiful cuisine that is carefully and sincerely cooked.

Fusuizen (for New building)
Shikaribetsuzen (for Main building)
Shabu-shabu of pork
Venison (tataki, fried Tatsuta, skewers)