Shikaoicho is blessed with the richness of nature. Surrounded by the mountains and greenery, the Hidaka Mountain Range in the west, and Daisetsuzan National Park in the north, Shikaoicho is located in the northwest of Tokachi Plain, almost in the center of Hokkaido. The name of this town comes from the old legend of Ainu people, In the olden days, the Ainu people built fences in the valley, drove a group of deer (shikaoi), and easily caught them.
There are many natural sightseeing spots characteristic of the local area. This place is one of a few places where wild whistling hares can be seen. There are very rare wind holes in this volcanic group of Shikaribetsu, which is one of the factors that support this unique ecosystem.

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Sightseeing boat

Lake Shikaribetsu, the lake in the sky surrounded by virgin forests. Please have fun on this natural lake in the midst of a forest.