[Shikaribetsuko Kotan 2021] About Ice Lodge Accommodation Plan

About Ice Lodge: This year, we will accept up to 4 adults per group per day. Period January 30th (Sat) -End of February
There are many inquiries about children every year, but elementary school students cannot use it. Junior high school students and above are allowed.

About reservations: Shikaribetsu Kohan Onsen Hotel Fengshui official website only plan
Membership registration is required for reservations, and since it is set from 2 people on the system, customers who make reservations with 1 person
Please make a reservation for two people temporarily. The difference will be refunded.
* We will not accept phone calls under any circumstances.
Official HP: https://www.hotelfusui.com/

This plan is for individual customers only, so we cannot accept reservations related to travel operators.

About duplicate reservations: The number of customers who apply for duplicate reservations is increasing every year. I was experiencing it with many customers
If you find out that the same customer has made multiple tentative reservations because you want to come
Both reservations will be forcibly canceled.

Cancellation policy: It is different from the conventional cancellation policy.
20% 7 days ago
50% 2 days ago
100% on the day